Express Paid Surveys for Money Review: Is Express Paid Legitimate?

The number of legitimate surveys for money websites is only a handful, and one of these websites that will truly pay you for the work you have done is Express Paid Surveys. This paid survey website is considered by a lot of reviewers as safe for users, seeing that its list of companies that send in the surveys are reputable and well known. This website also offers good advice to all its members, and if followed, will help you speed up the time that it will take you to start earning money from the different surveys you are asked to complete.


Express Paid Surveys currently offers its members an option to choose between three membership levels. These levels of membership include the 3-month membership, the 1-year membership, and the lifetime membership. The 3-month membership is a good choice for individuals who would like to test out the website first to find out if it is any good, which it is. However, the lifetime membership may be the best option for you since you just need to pay for a very small additional fee and gain access to all the features of the website.


While Express Paid Surveys does not carry the most extensive list of companies that send in surveys every month, the most important thing is that this is a legitimate website. You will also benefit from numerous bonuses that this website offers to its members. It is also rated as safe by different web browser software applications. Aside from all of these benefits, this paid survey directory website also has a high rating for customer satisfaction. With the money back guarantee that this website offers, in the unlikely event that you will not be satisfied with it, you can request back the full amount that you have paid for to become a member.